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SCALE's first cohorts have begun to enter the workplace. SCALE has built an extensive public-private-academic partnership to assist students and employers in finding suitable matches for specialists in each area of SCALE, ranging from internships for first-year undergraduates to Ph.D. job placements.


Zach Ellis was a senior electrical and computer engineering major at Purdue University with an interest in chip design when he was introduced to the SCALE program (Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement). The defense sector semiconductor workforce development program, led by Purdue and funded by the Department of Defense, provided a rare opportunity to learn more about the research pipeline for chip design that has helped shape his career trajectory.

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Jacob Manion’s world just grew exponentially. With his recent experience in the Purdue University-led national SCALE program (Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement) to complement his newly minted bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, he’s gotten off to a running start in a career with vast opportunities. In July, Manion started a new adventure in Austin, Texas, as a physical design engineer for Ericsson, an international information and communication technology company.

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