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Student Benefits

Students accepted into SCALE can:

  • Gain access to a large number of open internship and career opportunities in their preferred technical areas with employers
  • Establish stronger connections with employers who are still hiring in areas of strong national need
  • Engage in research during the academic year with faculty
  • Take special topics courses relevant to your preferred technical area
  • Engage in focused senior design projects

SCALE Community of Practice

Students will engage in SCALE's Community of Practice, a network of connections between people identified by a shared interest, commitment, mission and competence. These specialized groups include:

SCALE Partner Universities

SCALE students have a multitude of opportunities to engage with students and faculty at SCALE partner universities. Those opportunities may include:

  • Collective learning via virtual co-working across partner campuses
  • Opportunities to take special topics courses relevant to your preferred technical area
  • Inclusion in “Tech Talks” during summer months
  • Participate in focused senior design projects
  • Create multi-disciplinary research projects across universities and with partners
  • Conferences for students to present their work
  • On-campus recruitment via fairs, clubs and other student activities 

Government Agencies and Private Industry Partners

SCALE students will have opportunities to engage with defense-related government agencies and private industry partners. Opportunities include:

  • Internship placement at SCALE government and industry partners
  • Research project development, some sponsored design projects
  • Mentorship and open interactions (virtual or in-person) year round
  • Multiple career pathways with long-term demand
  • Develop technologies that benefit society
  • Collaborate with engineers around the U.S. and the world
  • Work to foster international peace and security