Purdue University

About the Institute


Purdue University’s Institute for a Sustainable Future fosters and promotes research, partnerships, and engagement in areas including the environment, climate, food-energy-water security, and sustainability. The complex, multi-factor, and pressing nature of the challenges and opportunities in these areas requires a collaborative, transdisciplinary approach.  This Institute supports the research and development needed to provide viable solutions by connecting faculty and researchers and by forging linkages between disciplines and communities within Purdue and beyond.  In this way, the Institute aligns with Purdue’s Land Grant Mission of building human capital, advancing research focused on our world’s most important problems and engaging deeply with our partners.


The Institute:

  • Is the focal point within Purdue for research projects involving large, complex, transdisciplinary efforts in the environment, climate, food security-energy-water security, building resilience, and sustainability, among other topics;
  • Actively supports the development and implementation of innovative team projects;
  • Helps administer relevant University programs in these areas involving a variety of grants, fellowship, programs, and opportunities;
  • Supports the growth and integration of large, sustained research efforts and partnerships from basic research, through applied and use-inspired research to commercialization; 
  • Fosters the co-production and co-creation of new knowledge and solutions suitable for use;
  • Supports the professional and research training necessary to develop the next generation of scientific leadership in these critical areas;
  • Supports engagement at all levels to provide a strong, science-based grounding for ongoing efforts these areas.