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Leadership and Staff

Matthew Huber

David E. Ross Director of Institute for a Sustainable Future
Matt’s research focuses on past, present and future climate, the mechanisms that govern climate, and the different forms that climates can take on Earth and other planets. Most of his work so far has concentrated on the issue of how ‘stuff’ (e.g. passive tracers, water vapor, heat) goes from the tropics toward the Poles, and specifically with an emphasis on how these processes operated during the past greenhouse climate of the Eocene. Huber received his PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of California Santa Cruz and was an assistant professor at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen before joining Purdue in 2002.

Lynne Dahmen

Senior Managing Director
Lynne Dahmen has worked with research faculty at Purdue University since 2008. At the Institute, she manages the implementation of services, and new initiatives and external communications, and works to develop research teams and projects. She also works with the leadership team to develop strategic communications. Lynne was previously the managing director for Purdue’s Center for the Environment. She also helped launch the College of Engineering’s Center for Brain-inspired Computing. She worked as a proposal development specialist for Purdue’s Office of Research. She also has taught courses in the School of Languages and Cultures at Purdue and previously at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco and at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she earned her PhD in Comparative Literature. She has expertise in supporting team science and brings experience in faculty coordination, project management, training and communication.

Kelli Dawson

Lead Administrative Assistant
Kelli joined the Institute for a Sustainable Future as the Lead Administrative Assistant in June of 2022. She has her B.S. in Liberal Studies from Purdue University Global and a Masters in Educational Psychology from Purdue University Global. She is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, Golden Key, and the Autism Speaks Organization.

Karan Hustedt-Warren

Senior Operations Manager
Karan joined the Institute for a Sustainable Future in February of 2023. Prior to joining the ISF, Karan was the operations manager for the Department of Political Science at Purdue. Before that, she worked as a clinical coordinator and service provider for a state funded social service agency. She holds a master's degree in sociology from Purdue and extensive experience in planning, organization, and management.

Cori Lollis

Communication Intern - Institute for a Sustainable Future
Cori joined as a Communications Intern at the Institute for a Sustainable Future in the summer of 2023. She is a sophomore majoring in marketing and minoring in communications. In the future, she would like to pursue a career in social media marketing.

Miriam Stevens

ISF Graduate Fellow
Miriam Stevens is a fourth-year PhD student in Environmental and Ecological Engineering focusing on circular economy development and supply chain analysis of critical materials. Her research involves using computational platforms to map supply chains of critical materials, such as cobalt, embedded in various products. Miriam's work contributes to automating the process of supply chain mapping and understanding the interdependence between different regions and industries.

Wagner Tamagno

ISF Graduate Fellow
Wagner Tamagno Sr. is a first-year PhD student in Toxicology specializing in neurotoxicity. His research focuses on defining molecular mechanisms contributing to altered neurological synaptic plasticity resulting from developmental exposure to the heavy metal lead. His project involves modeling a genetic risk factor in Alzheimer's disease to assess the gene-environment interaction and determine the molecular and cellular features that accelerate Alzheimer's disease onset and progression due to lead neurotoxicity.