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Graduate Courses

Below you will find a list of current graduate-level courses at Purdue taught by ISF affiliates. Please email the course instructor if you are interested in learning more. 

If you are a current ISF faculty affiliate and are interested in having your graduate course listed here, please fill out this brief questionnaire.

Course Dept/Program Instructor Contact
ABE 591-054: Microparticulates: Surface Interactions and Performance Agricultural & Biological Engineering Teresa Carvajal tcarvaja@purdue.edu
AGEC 528: Global Change and the Challenge of Sustainably Feeding a Growing Planet Agricultural Economics Thomas Hertel hertel@purdue.edu
AGRY 598: Systematic Reviews in Agriculture and the Environment Agronomy Sylvie Brouder sbrouder@purdue.edu
ANTH 605: Seminar in Ethnographic Analysis Anthropology Andrew Flachs aflachs@purdue.edu
ANTH 641: Making Projects Work Anthropology Zoe Nyssa znyssa@purdue.edu
CE 597: Environmental Fluid Mechanics Civil Engineering Cary Troy troy@purdue.edu
CNIT 58100: Data Fusion For Machine Learn - 18545 Computer and Information Technology Sudip Vhaduri svhaduri@purdue.edu
CNIT 58100 - 023: Six Sigma Black Belt - 22567 Computer & Information Technology Chad Laux claux@purdue.edu
CPB 69500: Seminar in Epidemiology: Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases Comparative Pathobiology Wendy Beauvais wbeauvai@purdue.edu
EAPS 50700: Introduction To Analysis And Computing With Geoscience Data Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Wen-wen Tung wwtung@purdue.edu
EAPS 51500: Geodata Science Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Wen-wen Tung wwtung@purdue.edu
EAPS 52100/CHM 58100: 
Atmospheric Chemistry 
Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences 

Gouri Prabhakar gourip@purdue.edu
EAPS 53300: Atmospheric Physics Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Gouri Prabhakar gourip@purdue.edu
EAPS 59100: Weather Simulation and Prediction with Cloud Computing Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Andrea Orton &  Wen-wen Tung wwtung@purdue.edu
FNR 57400: Big Data, AI, and Forests Forestry & Natural Resources Jingjing Liang jjliang@purdue.edu
IE 59000 / POL 52000: Quantitative Analysis for Climate Change Adaptation Policy
Industrial Engineering

Political Science
David Johnson davidjohnson@purdue.edu
ILS 59500: Geospatial Data Science with ArcGIS and Python Libraries and School of Information Studies Gang Shao gshao@purdue.edu
NUTR 59000: Food Policy Nutrition Science Dennis Savaiano savaiano@purdue.edu