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    New Discovery Park District ISF-DUIRI's Announced

    February 27, 2023

    Discovery Park District has posted new research projects for the Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship’s summer 2023 session. Undergraduates can see the current list of DUIRI projects and apply for the summer session starting March 6th at the DUIRI website. New this year, six of the projects are co-funded by Purdue’s Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF). These interdisciplinary projects promote collaborative sustainability research in areas including water challenges, environmental stressors, climate science, environmental justice, renewable energy and sustainable communities. Student researchers for these ISF projects will have additional engagement with the Institute during and beyond the summer internship. 

    The student application deadline for all DUIRI projects is March 23. Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. Students will be notified of their acceptance after that date -- ideally, by April 6. Projects run from May 15- August 4, 2023. 

    During the summer, student teams will be responsible for pursuing their research projects, culminating with a poster presentation and one-page abstract/summary of their results. Assuming all requirements are met, each participating student will earn a $5,000 summer term stipend from the DUIRI program.

    The following is a summary of the titles and mentors for the ISF-DUIRI summer projects:

    Project title


    Data-driven Discovery of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation as a Governing Equation for Extreme Weather Events

    Lei Wang, PI (EAPS), Guang Lin (Math)

    Life Cycle Assessment of Sustainable Construction Materials

    Chengcheng Tao, PI (CMT); Jan Olek (CIVIL)

    Harmful Algal Bloom Predictions for Midwestern Waters

    Cary D Troy, PI (CIVIL):, Keith Cherkauer (ABE.EEE); Melba Crawford (CIVIL/AGRY)

    Orchard ethnography lab

    Andrew T Flachs, PI (ANTH); Steve Hallett (HLA)

    Understanding worker preferences for decarbonized manufacturing jobs

    Rebecca Elaine Ciez, PI (ME/EEE), Partha Mukherjee (ME), Jeremy Reynolds (Sociology).

    Characterize the effects of PFAS exposure on central nervous system development

    Chongli Yuan, PI (CHEM E); Jennifer Freeman (HSCI)



    The DUIRI program provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with researchers on cutting-edge research on challenges in the areas of global security, health, and sustainability. In these projects, solutions will be researched by combining faculty and students with two or more distinct disciplinary strengths.

    For more information, email duristudent@purdue.edu.

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