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Imagining Sustainable Futures

The broad purpose of this special initiative is to build new research pathways between the natural sciences, the social sciences, engineering, and the humanities, placing cutting edge research in the natural and social sciences and engineering in conversation with critical and creative humanities scholarship. The immediate goal will be to share different perspectives and concerns, consider the knowledge produced in and through different theoretical and methodological frameworks, and discuss potentials for building transdisciplinary research teams centered on the general object of imagining a sustainable future. Our researchers focus on several overlapping areas:

  • Systemic sociocultural and political forces
  • Building a culture for biodiversity
  • Environmental fictions, aesthetics, representations
  • Degrowth: reconciling growth and economics
  • Critical sustainability studies
  • Climate change movements and culture/policy change
  • Educational initiatives

Lead: Robert Marzec (ENGL)

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